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CAS No: 98-67-9
Formula: C6H6O4S
EINECS: 202-691-6
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Brand Name Look chemical
Origin China

Product Introduction:

4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid (p-hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid) is an organic sulfonic acid, which means it contains one or more sulfonate groups. These esters are bonded to a hydroxyl group and a benzenesulfonyl group, the compound’s name comes from the number of hydroxyl groups, and its chemical formula is C6H6O4S.

4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid is a white crystalline powder in general state, soluble in water, hot alcohol and glycerin. It has been used as a very important intermediate in the synthesis of many other compounds (such as pesticides, drugs and pharmaceuticals) and in the pharmaceutical industry, and its non-negligible research and commercial value has gradually been discovered.

4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid is often used to synthesize sodium p-hydroxybenzenesulfonate (NaHBSO), a chemical often used in its salt form. It is found in natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, and soybeans.

If p-hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid is inhaled, remove patient to fresh air. In case of skin contact, remove contaminated clothing, rinse skin thoroughly with soap and water, and seek medical attention if discomfort occurs.

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