Arbutin paramete

Type: Herbal Extract
Form: Powder
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Brand Name: LOOK
Product Name: Bearberry Extract
Certification: GMP, ISO, KOSHER
Package: 25kg/drum
Sample: Avaliable
Storage: Cool Dry Place
Variety: Bearberry Extract
Part: Seed
Packaging: Drum, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed
Grade: Pharmaceutical Food Feed Medicine Grade
Model Number: Wellgreen–Vic0120
Appearance: White or crystal Fine Powder
Test Method: HPLC UV
Part Used: Root
MOQ: 1kg
Shelf Life: 2 Years



Item Specifications
Appearance White crystalline powder
Assay ≥99.5%
Melting point 199~201±0.5℃
Clarity of water solution Transpency,colorless,nonesuspended matters
pH value of 1% aqueous solution 5.0~7.0
Specific optical value [α]D20=-66±2°
Infrared peak value 1515cm-11220cm-11050cm-1±(5~8)cm-1
Arsenic ≤2ppm
Hydroquinone ≤20ppm
Heaby metal ≤20ppm
Loss on drying ≤0.5%
Ignition residue ≤0.5%
Arsenic ≤2ppm


1.Beta Arbutin will relieve and dispell chloasma, melanin, acne ect.

2.It has good effects of sterilization and relieving cough.

3.It is used to alleviate pain of burn and scald, enhancing immune fuction.

4.It can promote skin elasticity, retaining skin moisture and slowing down aging skin.

5.It has the function of restraining the activity of tyrosinase, preventing the formation of melanin.

6.Applied in cosmetic field, arbutin is mainly used in facial masks and esssence to whiten, eliminate wrinkles and dispelling spot.

7.Applied in phamaceutical field, beta arbutin is usually made into capsule to enhance organism immunity, sterilization and relieve cough.

Product service

1. Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

2. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

3. Route of synthesis (ROS)

4. Method of Aanlysis (MOA)

5. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

6. Packing pictures and loading video before loading

7. Free Sample

8. Factory audit

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