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CAS No: 1077-28-7
Formula: C8H14O2S2
EINECS: 214-071-2
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Brand Name Look chem
Origin China

Product Introduction:

Alpha Lipoic Acid, also known as lipoic acid or caprylic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that sits at the center of the antioxidant network and is often referred to as a “broad antioxidant”.

The best Alpha Lipoic Acid has one chiral center and therefore has both R and S configurations.

Natural Alpha Lipoic Acid is a white crystal with only R configuration, and only R configuration lipoic acid can be covalently conjugated to lysine residues through amide bonds to play the function of coenzyme.

The synthetic Alpha Lipoic Acid is a mixture of the R configuration and the S configuration in equal proportions. It is a pale yellow powdery substance that is easily soluble in lipid solvents.

Low solubility in water, about 1 g/L (20°C), soluble in 10% NaOH solution, soluble in aliphatic solvents, easily soluble in methanol, ethanol, chloroform and ether.

DL-lipoic acid is a unique anti-radical substance, a vitamin-like substance produced in the body that is essential for aerobic metabolism.

In addition to helping cells convert glucose into energy, Alpha Lipoic Acid also detoxifies the body, resists skin inflammation and stabilizes blood sugar.

Currently, α-lipoic acid is part of a multivitamin formulation and is a common ingredient in anti-aging supplements and even pet food.

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