C9 petroleum resin is a low molecular weight thermoplastic fragrant material obtained by catalytic polymerisation of petroleum-derived C9 fractions. It is likewise known as C9 hydrocarbon resin (HCR) due to the fact that its constituent molecules are all hydrocarbons.

It is a light yellow, transparent, granular solid at room temperature. It has a softening point of 80-140 ° C, a family member density of 0.970-0.975 and also a family member molecular mass of less than 2 x 103. It is insoluble in water and also quickly soluble in organic solvents.

It has reduced acid worth, excellent miscibility, water resistance, ethanol, and chemical resistance. It is chemically stable to acids and also bases as well as has the characteristics of excellent thickness policy and also thermal security.

C9 petroleum resin is usually not utilized alone yet as an accelerator, conditioner, modifier and also other resins.

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