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CAS No: 69-65-8
Formula: C6H14O6
EINECS: 200-711-8
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Brand Name Look chemical
Origin China

Product Introduction:

D-Mannitol (C6H14O6), also known as Maniton-S, is a hexavalent alcohol widely distributed in animals, plants or plant secretions. It can be extracted from kelp or seaweed, and can also be prepared by catalytic hydrogenation of glucose or sucrose.

D-Mannitol is a white crystalline solid, odorless, with a cool sweet taste. Some fruits and vegetables contain small amounts of D-mannose, including: cranberries, apples, oranges, peaches, cauliflower, green beans.

D-mannitol is an isomer of sorbitol, an important difference between the two is: sorbitol is very hygroscopic, while D-mannitol is completely non-hygroscopic, so it is a useful Dehydrator.

It is also a monosaccharide structurally related to glucose, involved in numerous metabolic processes, especially in the glycosylation of certain proteins, and plays an important role in many tissues and organs.

D-Mannose is listed on the World Health And Wellness Organization Model Listing of Important Medicines, a listing of one of the most crucial medications needed in the necessary healthcare system.

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