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CAS No: 102-54-5
Formula: C10H10Fe
EINECS: 203-039-3
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Brand Name Look chemical
Origin China

Product Introduction:

Ferrocene is an organic transition metal compound with fragrant properties. Its chemical formula is Fe(C5H5)2. It is an orange-yellow powder at room temperature and also has a camphor smell.

Ferrocene is insoluble in water as well as conveniently soluble in natural solvents such as benzene, ether, diesel as well as fuel.

Ferrocene does not interact with acids, alkalis and ultraviolet rays, has stable chemical properties, and also does not disintegrate within 400 ° C.

Its molecules are polar, with high thermal security, chemical stability and also radiation resistance.

There are not many applications of ferrocene itself, yet a wide array of by-products can be manufactured by well-known techniques, which significantly prolongs the application variety of ferrocene.

Its molecules are polar, with high thermal stability, chemical stability and also radiation resistance, as well as have a vast array of applications in industry, farming, medication, aerospace, energy saving, environmental protection and other markets.

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