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CAS No: 479-66-3
Formula: C14H12O8
EINECS: 610-395-7
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Brand Name Look chemical
Origin China

Product Introduction:

Fulvic acid (additionally known as fulvic minerals, referred to as FA) is a short carbon chain molecular structure substance extracted from all-natural humic acid.

Fulvic acid powder is a very complicated black organic substance with biologically energetic homes, the supreme aerobic failure product of all living compounds. Its useful groups communicate, reflecting a range of specific physicochemical properties. It as a result has the uncommon top qualities as well as capability to change and transform molecular combinations, including nearly all natural as well as inorganic compounds located in nature.

The deposition of fulvic acid powder comes from the disintegration of a great deal of greenery by microorganisms. It is a naturally taking place raw material acquired totally from decomposing old plants and animals. It is lacking in contemporary food plants and is very crucial to human physiological task.

Fulvic acid also possesses the properties of fusion molecules. It is the ultimate tiny framework after the disintegration of all living organisms, and its structure also contains possible solar material. Originated from photosynthesis, solar energy contributes to the special properties and biological activity of fulvic powder.

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