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Name: Ceramide Powder

Cas: 100403-19-8

Purity: 99%min


Basic Info:

CAS No.: 100403-19-8
Formula: C24H47NO3
EINECS: 309-560-3
Stock Availability In stock
Brand Name Look chem
Origin China

Product Introduction:

Ceramide Powder is the latest moisturizer developed recently. It is a type of phospholipid with ceramide as a skeleton. Ceramide phosphocholine and ceramide phosphoethanolamine are the main components. Phospholipid is the main component of the cell membrane, and the stratum corneum 40%~50% sebum is composed of Ceramide Powder.

Ceramide Powder are a major part of the intercellular matrix and play an important role in maintaining the water balance of the stratum corneum.

Ceramide has a strong ability to bind water molecules and forms a network structure in the stratum corneum to maintain skin moisture. Therefore, ceramides have the effect of retaining moisture in the skin.

Ceramide Powder is a water-soluble lipid substance, similar in structure to the material constituting the stratum corneum of the skin.

Ceramide is the main component (>50%) of liposomes present in the outermost stratum corneum of human skin, and plays an important role in preventing moisture dispersion and protecting from external stimuli, and is responsible for protecting, moisturizing and moisturizing the skin.

In addition, there are many research reports that using an external cream containing Ceramide Powder can achieve the purpose of preventing allergic skin diseases and suppressing melanin brown spots.

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