Irgacure 819

Irgacure 819, is an acylphosphine oxide photoinitiator, chemically named Phenylbis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide.

Irgacure 819 is a key component of light-curing materials, and it plays a decisive role in the light-curing speed of light-curing materials.

It is a substance that can absorb radiant energy, undergo a photochemical change upon excitation, and produce reactive intermediates (free radicals or cations) that have the ability to initiate polymerization.

The current photocuring technology is mainly UV curing, and the photoinitiator used is the UV photoinitiator.

Uv Photoinitiator 819 / Irgacure 819 paramete

CAS No.: 162881-26-7
MF: C26H27O3P
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Purity: 99%, 99%min
Model Number: WX01-CAS162881-26-7
Appearance: Pale yellow powder
Usage: Organic Intermediate
Lead time: 1-2 days
MW: 418.46
Other Names: Photoinitiator 819
EINECS No.: 423-340-5
Type: Syntheses Material Intermediates
Brand Name: Look Chemical
Application: Polymerization Initiators, UV curable coating and inks
Product name: Photoinitiator 819
CAS: 162881-26-7
Color: Pale yellow powder
Transport way: By sea or by air


Item Index Actual quality
Appearance Pale yellow powder Pale yellow powder
Assay (HPLC) ≧99.0% 99.5%
Melting point 131-135℃ 131.9-132.9℃
Volatile matter ≦0.3% 0.28%
Clarity Clear Clear
Conclusion Conform


1.UV-curable coatings and inks

2.Photoinitiator 819 is a highly efficient, general-purpose UV photoinitiator for initiating UV polymerization of unsaturated prepolymerization systems.

3.Printing inks and prepreg systems for wood, metal, plastic, paper and fiber surfaces

4.Irgacure 819 In white paints, colored paints and inks containing titanium dioxide or other pigments with high hiding power, adding a small amount of Phenylbis(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide can make the coating have excellent curing effects and resistance. UV yellowing performance.

5.Because 819 has excellent absorption properties, it can be used in thick film systems.

6.Irgacure 819 can be used in conjunction with other photoinitiators, such as 184 or 651.

7.The combined use of Irgacure 819 and 651 is particularly suitable for curing polyester/styrene resin systems, such as glass fiber reinforced materials.

8.Because it also absorbs in the long wave band, Irgacure 819 can be used in conjunction with a UV absorber, such as TINUVIN 400, so it can be used in UV curable coatings that require weather resistance.


Package :1 kg bag / 5 kg bag / 25 kg drum / 20 kg carton

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