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CAS No: 4111-54-0
Formula: C6H16LiN
EINECS: 223-893-0
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Brand Name Look chemical
Origin China

Product Introduction:

Lithium diisopropylamide, also known as LDA, has a molecular formula of C6H16LiN. In organic chemistry, LDA is often used as a base to deprotonate hydrocarbons.

Its color is similar to that of n-butyllithium solution, very pale yellow and transparent. Because butyllithium is easily oxidatively decomposed into lithium oxides or something, precipitation and discoloration occur.

The reagent is soluble in Et2O, THF, DME, HMPA, and becomes unstable when the temperature rises above 0oC. But its hexane or pentane solution is stable for several weeks at room temperature, and its complex with THF is quite stable in cyclohexane and heptane.

Lithium diisopropylamide is widely used because it is soluble in non-polar organic solvents.

It is often used as a base in synthetic chemistry to deprotonate hydrocarbons and sometimes to generate carbanions and enolates.

It can be prepared by the reaction between metal lithium and diisopropylamine, or by the reaction between diisopropylamine and butyllithium or methyllithium.

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