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CAS No: 9004-67-5
Formula: C20H38O11
EINECS: 232-674-9
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Brand Name Look chemical
Origin China

Product Introduction:

Methyl cellulose, also known as cellulose methyl ether, described as MC (abbreviation of MethylCellulose), is a long-chain substituted cellulose. It is a pure hydrophilic white powder that liquifies in cold water (however not in hot water) to develop a clear thick service or gel.

Offered under various trade name, it is utilized as a thickener and also emulsifier in a selection of foods as well as cosmetics, and also is additionally used to treat bowel irregularity. Like cellulose, it is non-digestible, non-toxic, and also not an irritant.

Methyl cellulose is a really steady material, resistant to acid, antacids, bacterium, warmth, etc. In the human body, it is eliminated totally unmodified.

Methyl cellulose cannot be digested or absorbed after oral administration, so it is a non-caloric material. Excessive intake of methylcellulose may temporarily increase flatulence and esophagus obstruction if not drinking enough water, but methylcellulose has a laxative effect.

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