Poly(hexamethylene diisocyanate) is an aliphatic polyisocyanate. Its most typically utilized items are in two types, Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI biuret) and Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI trimer).

Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI biuret) is additionally called Desmodur ® N 75 MPA is a biuret kind of aliphatic polyisocyanate; Aliphatic polyisocyanate (HDI trimer) is additionally called Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN is a trimer of aliphatic polyisocyanate body type.

Primarily utilized as a treating agent element for lightfast two-pack polyurethane coverings, this item has high chemical and weather condition resistance, excellent gloss retention as well as superb mechanical buildings.

Industrial Chem Group is dedicated to generating high top quality Desmodur ® N 75 MPA and also Desmodur ® N 3390 BA/SN.

Excellent assembly line to ensure the security of supply. Throughout the years, we have accepted more than 6,000 customers, top quality items as well as outstanding solutions, to fulfill the demands of most customers.

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