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CAS No: 111-20-6
Formula: C10H18O4
EINECS: 203-845-5
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Brand Name Look chem
Origin China

Product Introduction:

Sebacic acid (Decanedioicacid), also called n-decanedioicacid (n-decanedioicacid), 1,10-decanedioic acid, 1,8-octanedicarboxyli cacid, Sebacicacid.

At room temperature, sebacic acid is a white flaky crystal, and the industrial product is slightly yellow.

Sebacic acid is slightly soluble in water, insoluble in benzene, petroleum ether, carbon tetrachloride, easily soluble in ethanol, and soluble in ether.

Sebacic acid is an aliphatic dibasic acid commonly found in flue-cured, burley and oriental tobacco leaves.

Like various other fatty acids, it also has the ability of amidation, salt formation, as well as esterification.

It is prepared from all-natural castor oil or adipic acid monoester, and also is generally utilized to prepare sebacic acid esters, which are commonly made use of.

It is a vital chemical synthesis raw material, as well as it is extensively made use of in medicinal chemical synthesis.

This product is likewise widely utilized in the synthesis of low-temperature plasticizer items.

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