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CAS No: 9000-59-3
Formula: N/A
EINECS: 232-549-9
Stock Availability In stock
Brand Name Look chemical
Origin China

Product Introduction:

Shellac film, also known as shellac lacquer film or shellac film, is obtained by hot melting or solvent dissolving impurities from shellac lacquer film. The color of the final shellac film is different according to different requirements.

Main components Shellac resin, shellac pigment, shellac wax, sugar, protein, etc.

Shellac lacquer is a biological product, used in furniture and home interior paint. It has no pollutants, no irritating odor, no toxicity, and no allergic symptoms to the skin. It is a high-grade paint.

Covered on ordinary paints and coatings, it can prevent the leakage of formaldehyde gas from causing harm to the human body, and prevent toxic substances from directly contacting human skin.

Because of its reddish-brown color, film-forming properties, and impermeability to water vapor, shellac is often used to extract natural pigments to make furniture paints and insulation.

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