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CAS No: 8012-89-3
Formula: N/A
EINECS: 232-383-7
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Brand Name Look chemical
Origin China

Product Introduction:

White beeswax, also understood as white optimal wax, initial white beeswax. This product is an all-natural compound and also is risk-free for people. For that reason, it is typically utilized in the clinical and also pharmaceutical sectors.

Transparent colorless or white odorless as well as unappetizing wax. The solubility in natural solvents is not big, only a little soluble in ketones, ethers as well as alcohols, however the solubility in aromatic hydrocarbons is reasonably big.

White beeswax is edible, does not stick to the teeth when consumed, and has an one-of-a-kind scent. There is usually no effect on pregnant females, and there is no acne-causing effect.

Products are divided into 2 kinds of refined paraffin and microcrystalline paraffin.

  • Improved paraffin is gotten from the reduced molecular weight fraction of oil, as well as the viscosity after melting is reduced than that of microcrystalline paraffin.
  • The molecular weight, flash point as well as melting point of microcrystalline paraffin are usually greater than those of refined paraffin. Products are graded according to melting factor (48-93 ° C) as well as shade (brownish-yellow to nearly white).
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