Boric acid

Name: Boric acid
Density: 1.437 g/cm3
Melting Point: >148oC (dec.)
Solubility: DMSO (Slightly), Water (Slightly)
Acidity Coefficient (pKa): 9.2(at 25℃)
Vapor Pressure: 2.6 mm Hg (20 °C)
Brand name: Look Chemical
Refractive Index: 1.385
Form: White flaky powder
Molecular Weight: 61.833
Molecular Formula: H3BO3
PH: 3.8-4.8
Alias: Orthoboric acid
CAS: 11113-50-1
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
PSA: 60.69000
LogP: -0.29
Application: Disinfectants, Astringents
MOQ: 500G
SKU: LC-11113-50-1
Origin: China Mainland Shandong Province


Name Standard Test Result
Purity 99% 99%-99.5%
Water Insoluble 0.06%Max 0.01
Sulphate 0.3%Max 0.1-0.3%
Fe 0.002%Max 0.001-0.002%
Chloride 0.1%Max 0.01%
PH 4-5


Uses of Boric Acid (Orthoboric Acid).

Boric acid (Ortho-boric acid) is widely used in the glass sector, which can enhance the heat resistance and also transparency of glass items; improve the mechanical toughness and reduce the melting time. It can also be used as antiseptic disinfectant as well as astringent.

Glass and Fiberglass Market.

It is used to generate state-of-the-art glass and glass fibers such as optical glass, acid-resistant glass, organic boron glass, etc. It can enhance the heat resistance and openness of the glass, enhance the mechanical stamina, as well as reduce the melting time.

Boric acid plays a double function as a flux and also network previous in the manufacture of glass and also fiberglass. It can minimize viscosity, control thermal growth, prevent devitrification, boost chemical security, and also enhance resistance to mechanical as well as thermal shock.

Drug Market.

It is used in the manufacturing of boric acid ointment, disinfectant, astringent, preservative, etc.

Enamel and Also Ceramic Industry.

Utilized in the manufacturing of glaze, it can reduce the thermal expansion of the polish as well as the treating temperature of the polish, consequently preventing cracking as well as deglazing, and enhancing the gloss and fastness of the item.

For porcelains and also enamel glazes, boron oxide is a good flux as well as network previous. It can develop glass (at reduced temperature level), enhance polish adaptability, reduce viscosity as well as surface area stress, rise refractive index, boost mechanical strength, sturdiness and also use resistance, and it is a vital part of lead-free glaze.

Fire Resistant.

The enhancement of borates to the celluloid material changes its oxidation response and advertises the development of “carbonization”. Consequently, it can be fire resistant. Boric acid, alone or in combination with borax, has a special result on reducing the flammability of celluloid insulation, timber, and cotton batts in bed mattress.


It is utilized as an additive and co-solvent in the production of boron steel, to ensure that the boron steel has high hardness as well as good ductility. Boric acid avoids surface oxidation of steel welding, brazing, and socket welding. It is likewise a resources for ferroboron alloys.

Natural Leather.

It is used to deash the surface of bare leather to prevent the incident of gray spots externally of leather after retanning.


Boric acid serves as a corrosion prevention, lubricating substance as well as thermo-oxidative stabilizer. It is contributed to lubes, brake liquids, metalworking liquids, water therapy agents as well as fuel ingredients.


Boric acid is one of the parts in the manufacture of corrugated paper binders, as well as it is additionally a peptizer for the manufacture of casein as well as dextrin binders. Boric acid considerably improves damp adhesive toughness by cross-linking hydroxyl groups.

Personal Care Products.

National pharmaceutical grade boric acid can be made use of in cosmetics, health products as well as medications. It is additionally combined with borax to make a pH buffer option. As a cross-linking agent to emulsify paraffin, it can additionally be utilized as a bacteriostatic representative.

Chemical Sector.

For the production of numerous borates, such as salt borohydride, ammonium hydrogen borate, cadmium boro-tungstate, potassium borohydride, etc.

Throughout the manufacturing of nylon intermediates, boronic acid militarizes the oxidation of hydrocarbons and generates esters to raise the yield of ethanol, thus protecting against additional oxidation of hydroxyl groups to generate ketones or hydroxy acids.

The plant food market is made use of to produce candle wicks and also boron-containing fertilizers.

Utilized as logical chemical reagents, utilized to prepare buffers, different media for haploid breeding.

Properties of Boric Acid.

Boric acid, chemical formula H3BO3. Molecular weight 61.83. It is white powder crystal or scaly shiny crystalline powder with tri-oblique axis surface area, with smooth hand feeling and also no odor.

Soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin, ethers and vital oils. The liquid service is weakly acidic and is a monobasic weak acid (Ka= 6 × 10-10). Solubility in water raises with temperature. Home heating to 169 ° C ( ± 1 ° C) dehydration generates metaboric acid, 300 ° C right into boric anhydride.

Extensively utilized in the manufacturing of borate, water glass, borate ester, optical glass, enamel, paint, pigment, cosmetics, food preservatives, natural leather ending up, printing and dyeing accessories and also medicine.

Pharmacological Action.

Less irritating is the biggest feature of this product.

Boric acid is a weak chemical, and the aqueous solution of boric acid is weakly acidic. It integrates with the amino team in the microbial healthy protein to play a bacteriostatic impact as well as has a weak repressive result on microorganisms and fungis.

Can be used as a cleanser for skin as well as mucous membrane sores, consisting of intense eczema as well as severe dermatitis with extreme exudation, stomatitis as well as pharyngitis, exterior auditory canal mycosis, impetigo, persistent calf bone abscess and also bedsores.

Product service

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